Facility Owner/Operator Research Survey

In its pursuit to Save Lives through Education, dp-PRO is collecting industry data through research surveys and results. Our goal is to provide valuable data that informs the entire industry regarding successes, challenges and opportunities. Your input is important to developing inclusive results to help direct the overall focus of the research.

Results for this survey will be published in the summer issue of dp-PRO along with the next survey in the series. Both the survey and the results (once available) will be made available on dp-PRO.com. Completing one survey does not obligate you to participate in the entire series, but for each unique survey you complete, you will be entered in a drawing to receive a FREE Yeti mug.

THANK YOU in advance for participating in this survey. The research will contribute to the development of our education, live events, magazine content and, ideally, challenge all stakeholders to expand their knowledge base and increase efforts to save lives.

Our thanks to PelicanCorp for helping to underwrite the cost of this research. Individual responses are not shared with the underwriter or sold in any way. Infrastructure Resources employees assisting with research will have access to responses as needed.

Visit dp-PRO.com/surveys to complete this or other available surveys.

1. How do you inspect your assets?

a. Paper forms

b. Asset inspection software

c. Custom internal software

d. Other _______________________________________

2. At what frequency do you inspect your assets?

a. 1 year or less

b. 2-3 years

c. 4-5 years

d. More than 5 years

e. Only when conditions indicate

3. What is the biggest difficulty you face with-asset inspection?

a. Accessing historical data

b. Reporting required repairs

c. Downtime/disruption of normal operations

d. Inspection costs

4. What is the most common reason for asset failure?

a. Irregular inspections

b. Failure to perform preventive maintenance

c. Poor quality preventive maintenance

d. Operate to failure mentality

e. Other _______________________________________

5. What factors most contribute to poor decision making for asset maintenance?

a. Incorrect information

b. Limited access to information

c. Lack of field experience

d. Bureaucracy

e. Budget constraints

6. Which part of asset management most needs to improve?

a. Communication and sharing of location, description and historical data

b. Field inspection processes

c. Budgeting

d. Accurate mapping

7. What is the best way to reduce asset inspection/maintenance costs?

a. Better real time decisions

b. Better planning

c. Increased spending/budget

8. What is your primary focus in protection of the utility infrastructure?

a. Efficient field inspection procedures

b. Easily accessible transparent data

c. Updated GIS to the field

d. Regular maintenance

e. Education and training

9. What are the best ways to increase safety in asset maintenance? Choose all that apply

a. Identify all assets within scope of the management system

b. Identify all relevant information and documentation in relation to the assets

c. Have a means of retaining and maintaining all information

d. Determine required compliance requirements

e. Ensure all roles and responsibilities are identified and communicated

f. Ensure a system is in place to rectify safety issues identified through maintenance

g. Have an audit system to ensure effective management of asset safety risks

h. Other _______________________________________

10. Job Function

a. Executive (Owner, CEO, COO, CFO, President)

b. Upper Management (Director, Manager)

c. Middle Management (Supervisor, Foremen)

d. Field Operations (Technician, Locator, Operator)

11.Which category best describes the type work you do?

a. Electrical

b. Engineering

c. Excavating

d. Gas & Oil

e. GIS Mapping

f. Government / Regulatory

g. Other _______________________________________

h. One Call

i. Public Works

j. Communications

k. Trenchless Technology

l. Water & Sewer

m. Locating

12.Where do you work?

a. USA

b. Canada

c. Other _______________________________________

After completing this survey, snap a pic and email it to info@emailir.com

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