Advertising Options

Advertising in the Excavation Safety Guide allows you to reach thousands of excavators, contractors, utility companies and public works professionals every year. eNewsletter and website advertising expand that reach even further. An extremely low ad to editorial ratio (7:56), and a shelf life of one year or more, ensures maximum visibility and frequent exposure.

In a recent Excavation Safety Guide Reader’s Poll:

92.3% of respondents rated the Excavation Safety Guide as “excellent” or “very good”

88.9% of respondents rank the articles as being “extremely” or “very” useful

84.6% of respondents rank the directory as being “extremely” or “very” helpful

76.9% of respondents said they reference the Excavation Safety Guide all year long

For more information on advertising opportunities, email Vicki Husome or call 952-428-7982.

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