The toolbox is a collection of damage prevention shared learnings and practices for onshore, hazardous liquid transmission pipeline operation. The learnings and practices outlined may be utilized by an operator as information to be considered when analyzing, reviewing and/or modifying existing procedures. It is not intended to be utilized as a recommended practice or basis for regulation.

Documents and Examples

The toolbox contains contributions from multiple transmission operators. Each topic is an overview of the industry’s shared learnings and practices and may include forms, reports procedures, correspondence, and other relevant materials. Operator anonymity has been maintained by removing company specific identifiers.

Operator Qualification/Training Qualification/Covered Tasks

The toolbox does not address specific operator qualification requirements, training requirements, or covered tasks. Operator qualification or training qualification for some toolbox topics may be required. Your company’s operator qualification/training program should be consulted to determine what tasks performed are covered tasks and the qualification/training requirements.

Evolution of the Toolbox

The committee of liquids pipeline damage prevention specialists who compiled this toolbox anticipate that it will grow and evolve as additional topics, suggestions, and materials are received. Various topics are currently under development. The update schedule for overall Toolbox has not yet been established.

Toolbox Topics


Submit to the Toolbox

Please submit your feedback and suggestions on current and future topics as well as additional source documents to

Common Ground Alliance
eCFR-Code of Federal Regulations
General Duty Clause of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970
Helicopter Safety Advisory Conference (HSAC)
National Energy Board (NEB) Pipeline Crossing Regulations Part 1 and 2
OGP Aircraft Management Guidelines
PHMSA Advisory Bulletins
PHMSA Pipeline and Informed Pipeline Alliance (PIPA) Recommended Practices
PHMSA Pipeline Guidance
PHMSA-Interpretations by Regulation
PHMSA-State Programs