Evolving with A Constant Goal

WHEN YOU LOOK back at safety trends in Canada’s oil and gas industry over the past 30 years, you see overall continued improvement. But what got us to this point is not what will take us to the next level. In an industry known for its up and down business cycles, worker safety is now an unfailing constant. Now is the time for industry in Canada to work together to deliver world-class outcomes and continue to build a reputation for safety.

Uniting Industry

Energy Safety Canada leads collaboration with industry to establish consistent safety standards and, ultimately, drive safer work performance. Energy Safety Canada is a one-stop-shop for safety expertise; a hub of safety knowledge that delivers effective learning, shares improved safety data analytics, and advocates for the health and safety of those working in the industry and those impacted by industry activity. We are focused on efficient and effective ways for workers to learn and apply the knowledge and skills they need to work and live safely in all areas of our industry.

Safety Resources and Tools

Together with Canada’s leading oil and gas industry trade associations, we develop and share safety information to help companies of all sizes improve safe work performance. Energy Safety Canada develops health and safety guidelines and industry-recommended practices intended to support employers with creating or improving their own programs.

One such guideline is the Ground Disturbance and Damage Prevention Guideline, published with the goal of preventing damage to all buried facilities. It assists and guides in the development of an effective Ground Disturbance Damage Prevention Program (GDDPP) for a positive impact on worker safety, the protection of the environment and preservation of the integrity of buried facilities.

All of these resources can be found at EnergySafetyCanada.com.

Murray Elliott is president and CEO of Energy Safety Canada. Energy Safety Canada works with many partners across Canada and the United States to deliver safety training to industry’s most valuable resource – its workers.

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