Ensuring a Stronger Power Utility in Philippines

Ensuring a Stronger Power Utility in Philippines

Angelica Villanueva and Charles Dantes | Manila Standard

Power, considered as one of the basic utility services in the country, continues to become more significant as it remains essential to improve the people’s quality of life in emerging economies.

Through the years, a steady increase in demand in various sectors such as business, transportation, agriculture, and in households, leads to the need of a sound power utility infrastructure to address the needs of all sectors.

Back in 2016, the Department of Energy released a report stating a significant 10% growth in electricity consumption due to several factors like the El Niño phenomenon and the National elections in the same year.

From high demands of Filipinos utilizing cooling equipment to beat the heat, to the need to maintain a clean and orderly election, power consumption peaked at 8.7%…(Read the full story)


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