DTE Energy Company: 7,200 Reasons to Call Miss Dig

DTE Energy Company: 7,200 Reasons to Call Miss Dig

The Wall Street Transcript

A Northern Michigan man escaped serious injury earlier this summer when the post hole digger he was using sliced into a buried, 72-hundred-volt primary electric cable in his back yard. The electric current burned a hole the size of a golf ball in the end of his tool, blackened both of its handles, gave him flash burns on his arms and face, blew the cover off an outside TV cable box, and started a grass fire.

It could have been worse. There was a secondary electric cable under the primary cable that could have been energized after the initial outage, and the homeowner missed striking the natural gas service line to his house by less than four inches! He did not contact¬†MISS DIG¬†before digging. Unfortunately, that’s not unusual…(Read the full story)

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