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When COVID-19 Forced Damage Prevention Week Events Online, Event Producers, Presenters and Panelists all Worked together to bring this Important Education to a Virtual Environment

Damage Prevention Week™ (DPW) is an annual week-long initiative designed to bring to light the industry’s efforts to prevent damage to both underground and overhead infrastructure and improve safety within the excavation community.

While companies and associations around the world were encouraged to host local events during this week focused on reducing damages and improving excavation safety, several industry leaders worked with Infrastructure Resources to host events alongside the Global Excavation Safety Conference in Tampa, Florida, this past March.

When COVID-19 forced DPW events online, event producers, presenters, and panelists all worked together to bring this important education to a virtual environment. Access to the recordings of each of these DPW events is available at DamagePreventionWeek.com.

Global GPR Congress

The Global GPR Congress was a unique opportunity for new and experienced GPR users worldwide, from a variety of industries and applications, and both the academic and private sector, to gather for open discussion and continuous learning. Attendees approved of the diversity of presenters and topics. One participant stated, “I am really impressed with the take‐up and the incredible simplicity in which this oh-so-often ‘complicated’ topic has been delivered.” Another commented, “Excellent content and nice to see GPR talks that are not just lab tests and real-world applications.” Overwhelmingly, participants are looking forward to the live version of this event in Phoenix next March.

Leading Practices on Cross Bore Safety

This course, designed by CBSA, was created to provide underground utility operators, contractors, and service providers guidance for minimizing utility conflicts due to cross bore strikes. Covering a wide range of cross bore safety topics, from the evaluation of existing cross cores to regulatory requirements, speaker and moderator, Mark Bruce (President, Cross Bore Safety Association), had this to say, “Instructors enjoyed the opportunity to share knowledge and give back to the industry that we are proud to be part of. It is always a treat, when participating in educational events, for the interactions to become a learning experience for the presenters as well as the attendees. We were fortunate to have some good interchanges that added to the planned coursework. The interest was high and knowing we were adding to damage prevention for the safety of the public and industry workers is very rewarding.”

Safety, Security and Emergency Response Workshop

CAMO hosted this free workshop inviting all stakeholders concerned with the protection of coastal and marine pipelines to join the conversation as they explored the issues and challenges in preventing spills, releases, and damage to underwater pipelines and utilities which negatively impact the environment and public safety, including the 2020 Corpus Christi dredging incident. Attendees commented on the relevant and high-quality content, as well as the variety and professionalism of the presenters. This workshop is recommended for any facility owner with marine assets.

Utility Locating with GPR Workshop

Industry expert Troy De Souza (Sensors & Software) brought his knowledge and experience to the forefront again with this workshop perfect for beginners and utility experts looking to expand their skills. The interactive capabilities incorporated into this workshop allowed participants to really explore, understand and interpret the data by testing different calculations, gain, zoom, depth, filter, and slice view interaction. With a survey score of 3.7 (out of 4), participants categorized this workshop as very “smooth,” entertaining, and informative.

Damage Investigation & Claims Resolution Workshop

Damage investigation is the single most critical aspect in determining the root cause of a damage. Presenter and legal expert Ron Peterson led participants on a focused journey through the seven key components of a successful root cause investigation, and how these elements can impact future legal action. A “must-see” for both facility owners and excavators.

Mark your calendars for the 2022 Damage Prevention Week

Many of these courses, along with other new and exciting initiatives will return LIVE during Damage Prevention Week, February 28-March 6, 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona. Visit DamagePreventionWeek. com to sign up for updates, register as an endorsing organization, or submit an abstract to conduct your own Damage Prevention Week live event in Phoenix.

Infrastructure Resources Initiative IR is dedicated to helping the industry save lives through education. Look for this icon identifying articles on programs and initiatives created by IR to help us meet this goal.

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