dp-PRO Survey Results

In the past two issues of the dp-PRO, we’ve asked you to provide feedback on the magazine and its value to you and the industry. This survey has provided the dp-PRO team some real insights into our readers – both what we are currently doing right for you and what we can make even better in the future.

I prefer to read dp-PRO in:

The results from this question surprised us. In a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on digital information, fully 65% of our readers have told us they want access to a print copy of the magazine. I believe Sheila Caguiat, Executive Director of Smalley Foundation said it well, “I prefer to read from hard copies, but I also like being able to reference a digital version when sharing internally and externally. It is great when articles have their own direct links to the online version of each article to make it easy to find and share specific topics, articles or pages.” While the print version can be great for keeping in your briefcase or your vehicle to look at when time allows, each digital issue of the dp-PRO offers not only links back to the dp-PRO website, to our advertisers and authors, but the digital magazine also contains EXCLUSIVE CONTENT that is only available online.


Including you, how many people typically read your copy of the dp-PRO?

According to the responses received, 57% of our readers share their magazine with others. What that means is that our 30,000 distribution actually has an estimated reach of over 75,000 industry professionals! Not only that, many readers use what they learn in the dp-PRO to improve their job. According to one reader, “I get up-to-date relevant information that is good for conversation with my colleagues and executives. I have referred back to items and stories I picked up in the most recent DP-Pro more than once when making small talk with our leadership.” If you are one of those readers who depend on getting someone else’s copy, you can subscribe at dp-PRO.com and get your own copy (and then share it!)

How frequently do you visit the dp-PRO website?

Speaking of the website, when was the last time you visited? Survey results indicate that only 26% visit on a frequent basis. Take it from Patrick Piontek, Safety Manger with Netvision Inc., “I took a closer look at your website and found more than I thought was there, the articles in the magazine relate very well to what we do. The advice and products are more realistic in verbiage and content relating to underground works.” The dp-PRO website offers not only quick access to digital articles, but it also keeps you up to date on industry news and links to important industry resources. The website also offers an e-Learning portal with hundreds of courses to continue your professional education.



Have you ever implemented change at work based on what you learned in the dp-PRO?

Almost half our readers indicate that they were able to make changes in their job based on what they learned in the pages of dp-PRO. According to Eric Swartley, UGI Utilities, Inc., “Enjoy reading the articles from our peers, it provides an opportunity to continually evaluate our program so we stay on a path of continuous improvement.”





How would you rate the overall quality of the dp-PRO content?

Fully 90% of survey respondents rated the quality of the content as “Very Good” or “Excellent”. I could write about the value of the content we offer, but I think letting our readers speak for us might mean more:

“I am an instructor for a labor union and use some of the information in my classes.”John Bohme, Laborers Local 172 Safety, Education, & Training of Southern New Jersey

“All of it is very intuitive and informative.” – Wade King, Air-X

“Thank you for putting this out in the industry – we are stronger and more connected because of your service and the DP-Pro team.”

“Keep up the good work – great to see a publication dedicated to damage prevention.” – Adrian Wellington, Dial Before You Dig (Queensland)

“Great magazine. I have been reading this publication for years and it is very helpful.” – Shane Ayers, Stake Center Locating

I could keep going, but I think you get the idea! We are truly gratified that so many readers responded with appreciation for the work we do. We are proud to bring this highly regarding publication to the industry and thank all our survey responders for sharing their insight and preferences with us. Over the course of the next year, you will see changes both large and small in the magazine and the website that are fueled by the information we received.

Finally, if you have a message to share with the industry and would like to submit an article for consideration, you can submit it on the website – or just send it to me! We’re always on the lookout for new authors with great information to share. Michele@emailir.com Thanks for reading!

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