dp-PRO Survey: Live Events & Tradeshows – Fall

THANK YOU in advance for participating in this survey. The research contributes to the development of our education, live events, magazine content and, ideally, challenges all stakeholders to expand their knowledge base and increase efforts to save lives. Complete this survey to be entered in a drawing to receive a FREE Yeti mug. Results will be published in a future issue of dp-PRO. Both the survey and results (once available) are available on dp-PRO.com.

Our thanks to PelicanCorp for helping to underwrite the cost of this research. Individual responses are not shared with the underwriter or sold in any way. Infrastructure Resources employees assisting with research will have access to responses as needed.

As the world begins to reverse our quarantine lifestyle and implement a return to “business as usual,” many of us are looking forward to a time when we can gather to network, learn, and build solutions within our industry. Each company (and individual) has their own idea on when and how they will return to live events and tradeshows. What is yours?

Industry Survey - 2021 Summer Issue

  • VerySlightlyNot
    Exposure to COVID-19 variants on site
    Exposure to COVID-19 variants during travel to and from event
    Business liability risk
    Impact of crisis on travel options (service, routes, pricing, etc.)
    Impact of crisis on lodging (staff or service reductions/closures)
    Large in-person gatherings of people
    Civil unrest/protests
    Government-mandated limits/restrictions
  • YesNo
    Rapid onsite testing
    Required proof of a negative COVID-19 test
    Required proof of COVID-19 vaccination
    Required masks
    Adherence to social distancing protocols
    Adherence to sanitation protocols
    Adherence to reduced capacity protocols
    Contactless registration, food and merchandise
  • VerySlightlyNot
    Event cost
    Lodging/travel expense
    Event dates
    Event location
    Educational programming/speaker list
    Exhibiting companies
    Attendee list
    Social and networking events