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Our mission is to lead Indiana in promoting safety and preventing damage to underground facilities by providing excellent coordination and notification services at a reasonable cost.

KorTerra is the leading provider of damage prevention software, protecting billions of dollars in underground infrastructure. For over 30 years, KorTerra has helped mitigate risk and ensured personnel safety by providing secure platforms for processing 811 locate tickets, tracking damages, and more.

MetroNet is the nation’s largest, independently-owned, 100 percent fiber-optic provider of internet, television, and telephone services.  MetroNet started in 2005 with one fiber-optic network in Greencastle, Indiana, and has since grown to serving and constructing networks in more than 120 communities across Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Wisconsin, and Missouri.

As the country’s first state-wide notification center,
MISS DIG 811 has helped keep Michigan safe for over
50 years. Looking forward, we will continue to reach
our communities by utilizing advancing technologies,
grassroots efforts, and consistent engagement to
decrease damages across the state.

The NTDPC is a non-competitive forum dedicated to promoting the awareness and protection of tele-communications facilities and the use of One Call notification systems. Our goal is to prevent damage to the aerial & buried facilities that form the tele-communications infrastructure.

Pennsylvania One Call System Inc. is a non-profit
service company dedicated to minimizing utility
service interruptions, reducing on-the-job injuries and
deaths, promoting a higher level of public safety and
protecting the environment, available 24 hours per
day, every day of the year.

Alberta One-Call, Alberta Common Ground Alliance & the Joint Utility Safety Team have united under one name: Utility Safety Partners; Alberta’s trusted resource for utility safety, education & awareness to prevent contact with overhead and underground energy & utility assets. #ClickBeforeYouDig


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level sponsors

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