Digital Days of Education Highlights

In April, Infrastructure Resources offered Digital Days of Education to registered 2020 Excavation Safety Full Conference delegates. There was tremendous response from delegates, and what began as a three-day webinar event was extended to five days. The educational event offered 25 different sessions on a variety of topics and featured scheduled speakers from the 2020 Palm Springs event.

The Day We Will Remember
Returning in 2021
Ricky Rollins, Safety Speaker

Ricky tells the story of how he almost lost his life in a workplace accident 25 years ago and how his family, friends and co-workers would have been affected if he had died that day.

“Putting people and safety over production is very relevant considering the current emergency situation and the talk of forcing Americans to soon ‘restart the economy’ despite the extreme infection risk”

“Excellent.Very moving and brought me to tears. Great reminder of how our actions affect others. Thank you!”

Mindfulness in the Workplace
Dr. Kathy Gruver, Speaker, Author, Coach

Dr. Gruver’s cutting-edge, self-care techniques reduce our reaction to stress and improve health making positive change in your life and your company.

Preventing Electric Utility Damage
Kelley Heinz, ComEd

Kelley shares how ComEd’s Damage Prevention team was formed, what they do, and the effects of electric damage and electric contact from both the excavator and the utility standpoint.

Paying Attention Could Make All the Difference
Jim Willis, In-Dev Specialists, Inc.

Jim Willis shares ways to improve your situational awareness skills that can help you become more effective at your craft and provides insight into subtle ways to increase awareness and assess situations.

Online Locate Requests vs Phone Submissions
Josef Rosenberg, Alberta One-Call Centre

How much economic impact can a self-served, web-based locate submission system have on One Calls, their membership, and does it affect the safety of excavation?

Utilizing Human Factor Technologies to Drive Performance Improvements
Dan Lorenz, Joe Knows

Addressing the challenge of elevating the performance of QA/QC workforce in an environment of increasing complexity and a shortage of talent.

New Construction Techniques in Fiber Optics
Jim Hayes, Fiber Optic Association

Fiber optic is everywhere, supporting wireless small cells and 5G, FTTH/business, intelligent traffic systems and traditional telecom networks. Jim describes new technology being used and what it means in today’s world.

How Cloud-based Technologies are Changing the Way
We Locate and Map Buried Facilities: Part 3
Alec Pestov, vGIS

Alec discusses the fine details involved in applying augmented reality to prevent excavation damage, including how we get everything mapped, how it is managed, and the need for a locate system if everything was in GIS.

Two Confined Space Standards: Which One is for You?
Bruce Magee, United Rentals Trench Safety


Bruce clarifies when workers should follow the General Industry Standard 1910.146 or the Construction Industry Standard 1926 Subpart AA, addresses the importance of proper standards, and provides ways to ensure compliance and safety.

Stress Management: Go from Worrier to Warrior
Dr. Kathy Gruver, Speaker, Author, Coach

Learn practical techniques to stay in the here and now and develop more present-time awareness to decrease stress and improve the workplace environment.

Unique Way to Engage the Agricultural Community and Prevent Utility Damages
Chris Thome, Pipeline Ag Safety Alliance (PASA)

Chris shares how PASA came to be and what program initiatives have been the most successful in engaging agricultural professionals around the nation.

Look for these industry experts, and others like them, at the 2021 Global Excavation Safety Conference. If topics like these could increase your industry knowledge and help advance your career, then you belong at the Global Excavation Safety Conference! With content addressing the issues and concerns of each industry stakeholder, there is something for everyone, new attendee and long-term participants alike.

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