Dig Safe event hits home message of ensuring proper locates

Dig Safe event hits home message of ensuring proper locates

Angela Gismondi | Daily Commercial News

Mike Scarland will always regret not stopping to ask if crews performing road and sidewalk excavation work on Bloor Street West near Kipling Avenue in Etobicoke, Ont. had proper locates.

“Because of my role at the Technical Standards and Safety Authority, I did look around for paint on the ground but I never really stopped to think about the people that were doing the work because it was a very well known excavation company,” recalled Scarland, who is now the manager of emergency response at Enbridge Gas Distribution, of the incident that occurred on April 24, 2003. “They were working for one of the best city’s in the world and so you’re thinking I’m sure they’re following all the practices they have to follow. That decision to not stop has always haunted me.”

Media reports indicate Precision, who was contracted by Enbridge to identify the natural gas pipelines in the construction area, failed to locate a line leading into a nearby plaza. The line was struck and damaged by a backhoe causing gas to leak into the building, Scarland explained…(Read the full story)


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