Dear Industry Professionals:

Damage prevention is a shared responsibility, and here at Damage Prevention Professional, we are passionate about saving lives and protecting our buried infrastructure. Our publication is filled with a broad range of relevant and thought provoking articles and features written by industry professionals that address the needs and issues of all stake holders. Each issue features a spotlight topic in which we provide additional insight into one specific area of focus.

An industry resource since 2010, Damage Prevention Professional has provided a voice for industry professionals to share their knowledge with likeminded individuals on an international level and learn about new technologies, successful public awareness programs and updates on what’s happening at the CGA and throughout the industry.

As you page through this issue of Damage Prevention Professional, you will see lots of changes. With new layouts and interesting new design elements, we’ve updated the look and feel of the magazine.

You’ll find two really big changes beginning this issue. First, Damage Prevention Professional is moving toward a stronger digital presence. Every issue of Damage Prevention Professional, starting with this one, will have at least eight pages of new, original digital-only content. On page 7 you will find a Table of Contents for the digital
content included in this issue. Visit dp-pro. com/current-issue/ to read these topical and interesting articles online or, better yet, subscribe to the digital magazine at to ensure that each issue is delivered direct to your mailbox.

The second exciting new change is an easy way for you to send us your proposed articles.  This publication is only as good as the authors who provide the content and we welcome stories from all industry stakeholders. If you would like to submit an article for  consideration for publication in an upcoming issue, go to and follow instructions to upload your article directly to our team.

Finally, your feedback as a reader is very important. Please let me know what you think of the changes we’ve made, offer suggestions for improvements, or let me know about topics you would like to see covered. You can reach me at Michele@ I look forward to hearing from you!


Michele Moe

Editor, Damage Prevention Professional


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