DBYD Process Chart


Lodge an enquiry via www.1100.com.au, the iPhone App, or by calling 1100 during business hours.

You will receive a Dial Before You Dig Enquiry Confirmation Sheet listing the Member asset owners potentially impacted by your work site.

You will receive information and plans within 2 working days from Dial Before You Dig Member Asset Owners regarding their assets.


Review the information received and any associated conditions. Contact the asset owner for any clarification and to obtain any relevant permits or approvals.

Record any information you receive from any Asset Owner, and create both a digital and hard copy file to be available on site.

Visit the site with your plans to visually inspect for onsite asset and infrastructure clues such as pit lids, marker posts and meters. There may be unrecorded assets or services. If so, contact the asset owners as soon as possible.

Before conducting works it is recommended, unless advised otherwise by a Member Asset Owner, to engage a DBYD Certified Locator to identify and mark the location of the assets.


To establish the exact location of underground infrastructure, pothole, if permitted by the Asset Owner and in compliance with Asset Owner requirements, by hand or other non-destructive methods to find the asset. Record the assets location, depth and alignment in the field and on the plans.


Protect above and below ground assets, in accordance with Asset Owner requirements, by implementing appropriate visual alerts, barricades and / or supports.


Should asset damage occur, no matter how minor, immediately report it to the Asset Owner. Do not attempt to repair the damage.

Reinstate your work area in accordance with Asset Owner requirements.

Keep a record of any work site information, including Asset Owner provided information with any onsite notes and records.

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