Damage Prevention Week: March 22-28, 2021

Update 3/10/2021: Damage Prevention Week events are now taking place virtually. Learn more and register for individual events at DamagePreventionWeek.com


Damage Prevention Week: March 22-28, 2021

THE 2021 GLOBAL Excavation Safety Conference Global ESC will mark the 18th annual assemblage of damage prevention and excavation safety professionals from around the world. In complement with the industry’s premier damage prevention conference, we’re proud to announce Infrastructure Resources’ newest initiative: Damage Prevention Week™.

Taking place March 22-28, 2021, Damage Prevention Week (DPW) coincides with the Global Excavation Safety Conference and is the perfect setting to bring together major industry stakeholders to discuss new ideas face to face. Industry leaders will have the invaluable opportunity to discuss ways to prevent damage to both underground and overhead infrastructure and improve safety in the excavation community.

The global reach and influence of Global ESC makes it the ideal venue to debut Damage Prevention Week. While many delegates and speakers at Global ESC are based in North America, attendees from over 13 countries are expected to attend in 2021. The international diversity of the conference is unique and sparks valuable conversations, connections, and ideas from a variety of perspectives.

Damage Prevention Week has only one agenda – to create a yearly forum focused on reducing damages and improving excavation safety. All views and stakeholders are welcome and encouraged to participate. Damage Prevention Week is the opportunity for thoughtful, open discussions that lead to learning from one another. Ultimately, these are the discussions that result in reduced damages and lives saved.

Multiple organizations have already scheduled events in Tampa for 2021 Damage Prevention Week, from committee meetings to annual gatherings. Some notable examples include:

Cross Bore Safety Association (CBSA), an association dedicated to minimizing the occurrence of cross bore damages, injuries, and loss of life, is holding a Leading Practices for Cross Bore Risk Reduction course. This course was created to provide underground utility operators, contractors and service providers guidance for minimizing utility conflicts due to cross bore strikes. The course covers a wide range of cross bore safety topics, from the evaluation of existing cross bores to regulatory requirements.

The CBSA brings together locating services, manufacturers, utility owners, contractors, and industry consultants to create high quality standards, guidelines, and best practices for cross bore safety. The increased use of trenchless excavation technologies has naturally increased the potential for accidental punctures to existing infrastructure. The CBSA is dedicated to creating education that leads to the minimizing of that potential. (cross-boresafety.org)

Coastal and Marine Operators (CAMO), an organization of pipeline industry professionals who work closely with the Coast Guard and Marine excavators to prevent damage to pipelines in navigable waterways. CAMO is hosting their 2021 annual meeting and damage prevention workshop at the 2021 Global Excavation Safety Conference.

CAMO’s core purpose is to explore and discuss issues and challenges in preventing spills, releases, and damages to coastal and marine pipelines that negatively impact the environment and personal safety. It implements effective solutions and creates objectives that sustain and enhance pipeline asset integrity, environmental protection, industry perception, and the right to operate.  (camogroup.org)

Global GPR Congress, a joint venture between Bigman Geophysical and Infrastructure Resources, is convening for the first time at 2021 Global ESC. This brand-new event takes place over the course of two days, beginning March 22 and carrying through March 23, and has the goal of inviting new voices into ground penetrating radar discussions. While GPR topics are frequently discussed at industry specific events, this will be the first opportunity for all GPR users to congregate and learn from one another.

Bringing users together from a variety of industries and applications gives participants a pathway for accelerated learning opportunities and provides a forum for discussion on user-critical topics. A Global GPR event focused on bringing together new and experienced users from both the academic and private sector greatly benefits the industry by providing a forum for open discussion and continuous learning through shared ideas and experience. This fundamental concept of sharing ideas and learning from others’ experience echoes the goal of Damage Prevention Week. (bigmangeo.com)

Difficulties that occurred and have been overcome in one industry can be shared and applied with technicians and professionals working in other industries. There is much crossover in reasons for failure and success across disciplines, but too often professionals working in different spaces do not have meaningful conversations with each other – or even know that each other exist.” – Daniel Bigman, Bigman Geophysic

The Distribution Public Awareness Council (DPAC) is a member-driven, non-profit organization for natural gas distribution utility companies in the United States interested in working collaboratively with peers to address similar pipeline public awareness and community safety challenges and to share best practices for implementing and assessing the effectiveness of public awareness compliance programs required by 49 CFR 192.616.

DPAC represents 28 states, over 2.4 million miles of distribution pipe, and over 42 million natural gas customers. The council provides a collective voice with a view toward sharing best practices to improve public awareness and community safety across the country. (dpacouncil.org)

Associations planning to meet at the Global Excavation Safety Conference during Damage Prevention Week as of this printing include:

-Pipeline Association for Public Awareness (PAPA)

-Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute (UESI)

-Geospatial Information and Technology Association (GITA)

-Pipeline AG Safety Alliance (PASA)

-Gold Shovel Association

Learn more about Damage Prevention Week and ways your association can participate at DamagePreventionWeek.com.

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