Damage Prevention Hero – Brad Watson

If you want something done, give it to the busy guy.  He’s busy for a reason.

The vast majority of damage prevention goals and  objectives are achieved through volunteer efforts by subject matter experts lending their time, energy and knowledge to the cause. We lean on these folks and relentlessly soak in their volunteerism. And, they keep giving it day after day,
year after year.

Brad Watson is a Senior Technologist with TransCanada PipeLines Limited and has been a constant, engaged and active presence in the damage prevention field in Alberta and Canada for decades.

Those of you who know Brad will readily agree that there are few as deserving of being recognized as he is. But  beyond all that he has done for public safety in Alberta, Canada and in the U.S., it’s how he has done it that sets
him apart.

Brad doesn’t seek the limelight. In fact, he seems more comfortable working in the shadows. He is a quiet, solid and unflappable leader with firm strategic convictions. He is well known within TransCanada, as well as across North America and Mexico, as a trainer and knowledge expert.

Brad was instrumental in moving forward Canada’s damage prevention progress over the past decade. Working with his peers, Brad steadfastly costickhandled the harmonization process for the CCGA’s Damage Prevention
Best Practices and effortlessly represented the transmission pipeline industry in the development of CSA Z247. And for years, he has been a strong and steady advocate on the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association’s Damage Prevention Committee, where his knowledge and experience were frequently sought after to guide the Committee through challenges.

Closer to home in Alberta, Brad’s vision, influence and leadership was instrumental in transitioning the Alberta Common Ground Alliance to its current state, and he has been an avid supporter of Alberta One-Call’s outreach
and damage prevention advocacy.

There aren’t many among us who can proudly boast about remaining true to one employer over their entire career, but Brad is one of them. For just over 40 years, Brad has called TransCanada home, and in that light, he represents
everything that we have come to expect from TransCanada and the pipeline industry: integrity, dedication, commitment, intelligence, charitableness and kindness. Soon, Brad will be retiring from a long and storied career with TransCanada and he and his wife, Wilma, will be pursuing their plans to travel and share in the joy of family.

The Alberta Common Ground Alliance, the CCGA, the CGA and all of our partners are going to miss you, Brad. It’s been a ball.

Thank you from all of us. DP

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