Damage Prevention Hero – Ann Rushing

Ann Rushing

Serving the Public with Dignity and Respect


Now, as the Education Manager, Ann should be acknowledged as the individual who spearheaded the partnership with Lowes Home Improvement to share Call 811 Before You Dig on tree wraps in their Garden Centers. Through her efforts, customers were educated about the importance of calling 811 before digging with every tree sold; the safe digging message was shared on the wrap which also contained planting instructions for their specific type of tree.

Ann was nominated as a Damage Prevention Hero by Megan Estes, Corporate Communications Manager with Georgia 811, only one of many who admires Ann’s tenacity. Estes said, “I think sharing the damage prevention message at such a consumer level is imperative and Ann really paved the way for mass consumer exposure to the 811 message throughout the country. Her current work with Pike’s Nurseries serves to further show Ann’s dedication to this industry.”

Ann is described by Brian Morehouse, Education Liaison with NC 811, as the “hardest working woman I know.” Ann didn’t stop with tree tags. Ann continued the partnership with Lowes to have the 811 logo added to all of the long-handled Kobalt Tools in their stores throughout the United States. “She’s an inspiration to so many of us thriving to follow in her footsteps,” added Estes.

Howard Clay, Education Liaison with NC 811, appreciates her “passion to educate anyone and everyone about safety and damage prevention” along with her “vision and leadership.”

Tami Stout, Education Liaison with NC 811, said, “Ann is completely committed to damage prevention. There is no idea too big, or too small, to take to her. She never misses an opportunity to educate people about excavation safety and why it is so imperative. At the end of the day, we all want to return home safely and she takes that message to heart.”

Ann continuously fosters teamwork and collaboration, so it is no surprise she is willing to share the results of her efforts with other centers. According to Louis Panzer, Executive Director of NC 811, he believes her willingness to help any stakeholder is a nod to her deserving a Damage Prevention Hero nomination. “Ann has shared the toolboxes for multiple programs so that other states may ‘tag on’. Her efforts include driving an initiative for cost-effective ads that were branded by other states.”

“Howard Clay, Education Liaison with NC 811, appreciates her “passion to educate anyone and everyone about safety and damage prevention” along with her “vision and leadership.”

A hero to her peers, Estes said, “Congratulations, Ann! Thank you for being a guiding light in this industry and continuing to inspire me personally and professionally.”

A hero to her team, Morehouse said, “NC 811 cannot tell you enough how much we all appreciate the hard work you give to our organization and community. Your work over the years has helped make the organization the best in the business.”

A hero to her organization, Panzer said, “Ann, you are MY hero for sure! NC 811 and the citizens are blessed to have you at the helm of our education programs.”

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