Councilor Wants Tighter Monitoring of Construction Sites

Councilor Wants Tighter Monitoring of Construction Sites

Giovanni Galendez | Sun Star Baguio

Reeling from the deaths caused by the collapse of a building on Sandico Street, Councilor Michael Lawana seeks tighter monitoring of ongoing construction activities in Baguio City.

Under his proposed ordinance, Lawana seeks to mandate construction companies and contractors to provide an independent safety officer on site to ensure the safety of all workers.

“A construction safety officer performs various functions to ensure a safe environment for workers at a project site. The job itself entails collaborating with contractors and locating sources of potential hazards on project sites including toxic materials, potential electrocution and structural threats to human life and finding ways to reduce or completely eliminate such hazardous threats from the sites,” Lawana said of his proposed measure.

The country’s labor laws mandate the hiring of a construction safety and health officer to implement occupational safety and health programs in accordance with the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHS)…(Read the full story)


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