Construction error knocks out Metropolis 911 for hours

Construction error knocks out Metropolis 911 for hours

Andrew Feather | WSIL 3

We’re all taught to call 911 as kids, but what do you do in the case the lines aren’t working?

That’s the situation for some callers in Metropolis Monday afternoon, who instead of hearing a dispatcher, heard silence.

Around three p.m. construction crew working in Metropolis, cut through the fiber optic cable used to connect to 911 dispatch, leaving all landlines and some cell phones, unable to call for help.

“I was afraid we were going to miss a call,” said dispatcher David Bowman. “I’m not worried about being busy, I’m worried about not being able to take that one call where we can make a difference in the outcome and that’s the scary part for me…(Read the full story)

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