Community Partnership Leads to Stronger Safety Message

THE CITY OF LAWRENCEVILLE Damage Prevention Department is active when it comes to educating our community on pipeline safety, electrical safety, and the importance of “Calling 811 Before you Dig” by partnering with stakeholders in our service area. We meet our community members at festivals and work with our youth through elementary school visits, utilizing Georgia 811’s mascot, Digger Dog. We also promote National Safe Digging Month and 811 Day.

By far, our largest event with the biggest reach is Georgia’s Gwinnett County Fair. Since 2014, we have worked a full 10 days each September to educate our neighbors about safe digging and underground utility damage prevention. This year brought us an unexpected partnership.

Enter Jolie Dellaneve-Brown, a tenacious young entrepreneur who recently graduated from high school utilizing the home school model. Jolie owns Bit’s Print and Press, a custom apparel business focusing on pressing designs onto merchandise like shirts, mugs, hats, mousepads, and more.

Jolie’s mother passed away when she was just seven years old and her grandparents moved into the role of her guardians and parents, giving her support and love through difficult times, as her father was unable to care for her. The foundation established has allowed her to become the strong woman she is today.

Like many recent graduates starting out, Jolie struggled to find her path forward after graduation. College didn’t seem to be a good fit, and she was unsure about a career path that would bring out her passion. Jolie was introduced to sublimation printing through a teacher in high school. One of her projects was creating and printing a design on a shirt. A passion was born and Bit’s Print and Press was created.

I met Jolie at the Gwinnett County Fair, where she had a booth. We happened to get into a conversation regarding the need for reasonably-priced shirts and other items that could include the City of Lawrenceville logo. Jolie provided us with a sample and we now had a new community partnership that could help us spread the safety message. We ended up ordering long- and short-sleeved shirts as well as license plate frames for our trucks.

You never know when your involvement in the community will lead to more than just spreading the safe digging message. It might lead to something bigger, a new partnership for the betterment of all!

For more information on Bit’s Print and Press, contact:

Meet Digger Dog at the Global Excavation Safety Conference on Wednesday, February 15 in the session, Educating the Next Generation: Georgia 811’s Digger Dog Program, presented by Maria Copeland and Megan Estes.

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