Community Liaison Service

Formerly known as Community Assistance & Technical Services (CATS)

PHMSA has renamed its CATS program to “Community Liaison Services” to more appropriately align with current roles and responsibilities and better interface with various stakeholders.


To advance PHMSA’s pipeline safety mission by proactively engaging with pipeline stakeholders, providing technical expertise, and leveraging technology, data, and information to reduce pipeline risks and influence change through program and policy development.


To serve as “trusted” and “credible” stewards of public safety and environmental protection by raising awareness and influencing change to continuously improve pipeline safety.

If you need assistance with any of the following pipeline safety related matters, please contact a PHMSA Community Liaison today:

  • Pipeline safety policy/programs (damage prevention, public awareness, emergency response, PIPA, etc.)
  • Pipeline stakeholder engagement and outreach
  • Pipeline technical services and support (public inquiries, whistleblowers, post incident/ accident communications, siting and permit initiatives)
  • Questions about pipeline safety in your community

Community Liaisons are located within each PHMSA region. Contact information for the Community Liaisons for your state is noted below.

Community Liaison Services Program Manager

Karen Lynch: • Phone: (202) 366-6855

Central Region:

Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Kansas; Michigan; Minnesota; Missouri; Nebraska; North Dakota; South Dakota; Wisconsin.

Angela Pickett: • Phone: (816) 329-3823

Sean Quinlan: • Phone: (816) 329-3800

Southern Region:

Alabama; Florida; Georgia; Kentucky; Mississippi; North Carolina; Puerto Rico; South Carolina; Tennessee.

James Kelly: • Phone: (404) 990-1848

Arthur Buff: • Phone: (404) 226-6153

Eastern Region:

Connecticut; Delaware; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New York; Ohio, Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; Vermont; Virginia; Washington, D.C.; West Virginia.

Karen Gentile: • Phone: (609) 433-6650

Ian Woods: • Phone: (609) 468-9478

Southwest Region:

Arkansas; Louisiana; New Mexico; Oklahoma; Texas.

Bill Lowry: • Phone: (713) 272-2845

James ‘Jay’ Prothro: • Phone: (713) 272-2832

Western Region:

Alaska; Arizona; California; Colorado; Hawaii; Idaho; Montana; Nevada; Oregon; Utah; Washington; Wyoming.

Tom Finch: • Phone: (720) 963-3175

Dave Mulligan: • Phone: (720) 963-3193

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