Colorado Oil And Gas Regulators Approve New Rule For School Property Setbacks

Colorado oil and gas regulators approve new rule for school property setbacks

Blair Miller  |  The Denver Channel


DENVER – The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission on Tuesday approved a new rule that will go into effect early next year which will change the point on school properties from which new oil and gas sites must create a 1,000-foot buffer zone.

The rule change means that new oil and gas sites will have to be at least 1,000 feet away from school property such as playgrounds and athletic fields. The rule change redefined what a school facility and child care center meant under COGCC rules. Before the change, the sites had to be 1,000 feet away from the school buildings themselves.

The increased buffer zone was sought by environmentalists, parents and some teachers who argued that having such sites in such proximity to schools was endangering students’ and teachers’ health and safety. Some had sought even larger setbacks before the COGCC approved the rule Tuesday.

The new rules are expected to apply to future development and some current sites.

There are some operations that already sit within the current buffer zone. There is one operation just 600 feet from the soccer fields of…(read the full story).

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