CGA Unveils New Logo Design

AS THE COMMON Ground Alliance (CGA) approaches its 20th anniversary, the organization has embraced a refreshed visual representation of its logo. Formally unveiled at the CGA 811 Excavation Safety Conference & Expo in Tampa, Florida, CGA’s new logo retains elements of the original one, while integrating color components from the 811 brand for a stylized look.

Specifically, the deep blue of the new logo is pulled directly from CGA’s original version, while the green shapes underneath reference the 811 color palette.

CGA members have already received communications from the organization about brand guidelines and usage. The Canadian Common Ground Alliance and Regional Partners will be integrating the revamped logo into their identities in phases.

While CGA does not expect its new logo to become an immediate replacement across the industry, the association does ask that as materials with the original logo are depleted, new materials featuring the new logo are created.

CGA hopes its members are as excited about its fresh look as the organization looks to its future.

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