CEPA President and CEO responds to performance report

CEPA President and CEO responds to performance report

Chloe Jenkins | Pipelines International

Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) President and CEO Chris Bloomer has spoken to Pipelines International following the release of the association’s 2018 Transmission Pipeline Industry Performance Report.

CEPA’s Transmission Pipeline Industry Performance Report is assembled by the organisation’s members, and transparently outlines the Canadian transmission pipeline industry’s performance for the previous year.

“CEPA members represent the transmission pipeline industry in Canada,” said Mr Bloomer.

“They all agree that they do not compete on safety and have committed to work together and continuously improve.

“The vehicle for the industry collaboration is Integrity first and participation is a requirement for membership.

Across Canada, CEPA members own and operate approximately 117,800 km of pipeline, delivering 5.7 Tcf of natural gas and 1.4 Bbbl of crude oil in 2017…(Read the full story)

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