Celebrate with us – Damage Prevention Week March 22 – 26


Utility Locating with GPR Course
Meeting NULCA “Competencies for the GPR Technician” curriculum, course objectives require user to demonstrate
knowledge, skill, and understanding in applying GPR safely and professionally to locate utilities. Topics include GPR
theory, factors affecting target detection, how GPR compliments traditional EM locating, application of Line Scan and
Grid Scans, data interpretation, and case studies.

Utility Locator Skills Enhancement
This skills training workshop is a great introductory session for the novice locator and a valuable career- building tool
designed to challenge even seasoned professionals on underground line locating. This workshop begins with classroom
training followed by instruction on a variety of conventional and unconventional equipment. (training credits available.)

Damage Investigation & Claims Resolution
This workshop focuses on the required elements of a successful damage investigation. Setting the stage for a valid root
cause investigation and following standard investigative procedures are vital to an effective analysis of a damage.
Topics covered include asset protection, revenue / loss recovery, ethics and other ingredients needed to perform
accurate and timely root cause investigations.

Locating Theory Demystified!
This workshop explores the principles of locating, the role locating plays in safe excavation, and includes hands-on use
of equipment. Several locate equipment manufacturers will provide equipment and tips on how to get an accurate locate,
including using ground penetrating radar (GPR).

Visit DamagePreventionWeek.com for dates and pricing

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