Canadian Association of Women in Construction

THE CANADIAN ASSOCIATION of Women in Construction (CAWIC) strives to facilitate the success of women in the Canadian construction industry by uniting their voices, knowledge, and resources through the passion of their members and the women they inspire.

Established in 1982 as the Toronto Chapter of the U.S. based National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), CAWIC separated from NAWIC to launch a Canadian independent association for its membership but continues to maintain its affiliation with NAWIC which operates from its head office in Texas. CAWIC was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization on October 13, 2005. Its growing membership base includes women employed in construction and construction-related fields in Canada. Their members are dedicated to the success and promotion of women in the construction industry.

CAWIC is proudly Canadian, and their leadership thrives on community, empowerment, and growth. The organization gives women the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership and hone their skills by participating on committees and through board positions.

A strategic CAWIC goal is to increase employment, awareness, and development for all women during the various stages of their career journey as they are working for, or within, the construction industry. Their belief is that everyone has a responsibility to actively support the training and development of young professionals entering, or considering entering, the construction industry.

Through their membership, they are building a community with confidence, leadership, empowerment, key expertise, profitable growth, and sustainable resources. Their collective voices are designing and influencing their industry. The value of membership in CAWIC is to create extraordinary career opportunities, significant community contributions, and transformational development seminars through the leadership program.

Working in partnership with individuals, foundations, the not-for-profit sector, government, and the private sector to empower girls and women to be agents of economic development, political stability, social change, and inspire them to pursue more careers in construction.

To learn more about CAWIC or how to get involved, visit

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