Canada’s Underground Infrastructure Safety Enhancement Act

The Canadian Common Ground Alliance (CCGA) announced in September that, after several months of review with stakeholders, the Underground Infrastructure Safety Enhancement Act was tabled by Senator Grant Mitchell.

The bill creates a federal underground infrastructure notification system that requires:

Operators of underground infrastructure that is federally regulated or that is located on federal land to register that underground infrastructure with a  notification center.
• Persons planning to undertake a ground disturbance to make a locate request to the relevant location centers.
• Operators of registered underground infrastructures, as a result of the locate request, to mark the location of the underground infrastructure on the ground, provide in writing any other accurate and clear description of the location of the underground infrastructure or indicate that the ground disturbance is not likely to cause damage to the underground infrastructure.

Getting the bill to pass in the Senate requires a First Reading, Second Reading, Committee State, Report Stage and Third Reading… leading to a vote to pass or reject the bill.

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