Callabyte adding fiber-optic network in Wardsville

With underground utility work scheduled to start next week, Wardsville residents are expected to have access to a new fiber-optic network for internet service by the end of the year.

Callabyte Technology, a subsidiary of Callaway Electric Cooperative, approached Wardsville village leaders about bringing its service to the community last month. Tom Howard, Callaway Electric chief executive officer and general manager, said they will be able to provide internet, television and phone service to the community.

“We had been looking at coming to Wardsville because we had done research and found that they were lacking in high-speed broadband service,” Howard said. “We’ll be offering three tiers of internet service: …Read More

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1 thought on “Callabyte adding fiber-optic network in Wardsville”

  1. Can I get service at 6100 route b Wardsville? If so, how much, $$ for internet, television or combined package?

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