Call 811 Before Pounding That “For Sale” Sign Into the Yard

After an outreach effort by Puget Sound Energy (PSE), real estate agents in the area are required to call 811 to check for under- ground utilities before digging a hole for their “For Sale” signs. This now adds a few days to the process when it comes to listing
homes for sale.

The Washington Call Before You Dig Law was enhanced in 2013 to add an  enforcement arm. Following federal guidelines, the state created a Dig Law Safety Committee under the Utilities and Transportation Commission to oversee enforcement. Puget Sound Energy received funding in May of 2016 to start an outreach campaign
on the updated law. Along with advertising campaigns, PSE is now putting people in the field to visit areas where signs are being placed, including “For Sale” signs on front lawns.

Many real estate brokers and sign companies assumed they were exempt, but the revised Washington state code states the following exemption:

“An excavation of less than 12 inches in depth on private noncommercial property, if the excavation is performed by the person or an employee of the person who owns or occupies the property on which the excavation is being performed.”

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