Broadband in Rural South Dakota Surpasses National Average

Broadband in Rural South Dakota Surpasses National Average

Brian Allen | KSFTY-TV

A new report shows South Dakota is above the national average when it comes to rural areas having access to broadband.

Those findings are from the independent consulting group ‘South Dakota Dashboard’.

They were hired to review broadband access and internet providers say the results show their investments are paying dividends.

The report shows a promising future for broadband access at a time when the current system rates above national averages.

“In many cases our member companies are planning their communications networks to handle data traffic two and three decades into the future.” Richard Coit with the South Dakota Telecommunications Association says his group asked an indepenent technology consultant group based in Rapid City called the South Dakota Dashboard to review rural broadband access in the state then report back on if the current system was good or not…(Read the full story)

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