Breakfast in Saskatchewan

THE ANNUAL Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance Contractor Safety Awareness presentation and breakfast in Saskatchewan has been successfully delivering the Dig Safe mantra to front line excavators and contractors for 29 years.

This event is sponsored by 15 contributors who own underground facilities and are dedicated to underground infrastructure damage prevention, the prevention of worker injury or death due to unsafe digging practices, and to the promotion of the CCGA Best Practices. It is run by the volunteers of the Public Awareness and Education Committee from within the membership of the Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance (SCGA) under the guidance of the Association’s Executive Director and 10 Board Members.

April is “Safe Digging Month” as declared by the Province of Saskatchewan. To help promote Safe Digging Month and the importance of following safe excavation practice, the SCGA is holding a series of 23 Contractor Safety Breakfasts across the province in 2018.

The breakfasts run during the month of April and are so popular with invitees that between 3,000-4,000 attend each year. The events run over a three-week period and at each venue the attendees are treated to videos on how to Dig Safe, speakers who give them the most up-to- date information, door prizes, handouts and, of course, a full breakfast.

The videos are produced right here in Canada in the Province of Saskatchewan using local talent and members’ property. The idea of a theme is developed each year by the Creative Team within the Public Awareness and Education Committee who work with a local company to produce the video.

After the breakfasts, the video is broken into two or three segments and put onto the SCGA website for use at Safety Meetings, Tailgate Meetings and wherever they can be useful. There is no charge for any of this; it is simply to bring awareness and education to the industry.

Beginning in 2016 at the Lloydminster event, after the breakfast, open panel discussions were held with local utility companies, first responder departments and local government officials. The feedback was so positive that we are continuing with this concept again in 2018 and adding two more locations: Regina and Yorkton.

The Mayor and other prominent persons of the local towns or cities that we are hosted in are always invited and, of course, so are any available press agencies. In the past, we have received positive recognition from more than 17 different news agencies around the province.

These breakfasts have become so successful that other CCGA regional partners across the country are interested in looking at producing similar events and routinely request information from our association on the logistics. We are very excited about sharing our results, which can be found at

Sally Cain is Executive Director of SCGA. She can be reached at

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