Being Different is the New Normal

  If there is one place to be different and try a new idea, why not in Normal, Illinois? During a Normal Corn-Belters minor league baseball game this past August, JULIE, Inc. (Illinois One-Call System) promoted the 811 message in a fun, creative way.

“The findings of a recent homeowners survey of Illinois
residents showed that baseball was among the most popular sports to watch, listen to and follow for our target audience, so we teamed up with the CornBelters on a unique promotion,” said Barb Owen, JULIE’s Public Relations Manager.

Since JULIE was already partnering with the Frontier League team and sponsoring the “Call to the Bullpen” during each game, the not-for-profit organization decided to promote their safety message and target the one place where every fan would see the 811 logo and never miss any of the action – on the CornBelters players’ jerseys.

On a beautiful night at the CornCrib, JULIE team members greeted all fans entering the ballpark and distributed 811 drawstring backpacks with Call Before You Dig information. All players and coaches wore a custom, safety green jersey highlighting the JULIE and 811 logos. The 811 logo was predominantly displayed on the back of the jersey.

The fun did not end after the last pitch. After the team won the game,
the CornBelters’ players signed their jerseys while fans placed bids during
an auction process. All proceeds benefited a local little league baseball

Kevin Chmura is the Director of Public Relations at JULIE, Inc.
He has more than 25 years of award-winning experience in local, state and national outreach and education campaigns, and is a member of the OCOA’s Mark-It Madness and CGA’s Education
Committees. Kevin can be reached at

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