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Campbell, Bruce

Bruce Campbell

Chief Executive Officer; MISS DIG 811

Bruce Campbell has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Michigan State University.

He has testified before the Senate Energy and Technology Committee and in front of the 21st Century Infrastructure Commission on behalf of MISS DIG 811.  Previously, declared an expert witness for excavation, construction and safety and testified on the topics.

He is the MISS DIG 811 representative to the Michigan Damage Prevention Board, One Calls of America, CGA Data Gathering and Evaluation Committee, member of the One Call Systems International Data Committee, member of Common Ground Alliance Stakeholder Advocacy Legislative Awareness Committee, and he is the former Chairman of the Board for Norfield Development Partners, LLC, the software company responsible for Newtin the notification system software used by nine states.

Bruce participates in numerous other professional organizations including: Delta County Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Association of County Drain Commissioners, Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association (MITA), Michigan Electric and Gas Association, and the Michigan Township Association.

Formerly a member of the excavation community, where he helped establish the Genesee Area Damage Prevention Association, promoted an excavator seat on the MISS DIG 811 Board of Directors, and was the first excavator elected to the MISS DIG 811 Board.
Chavez, Theresa 2019

Theresa Chavez

Director of Business Development; CartoPac International

Theresa has over 20 years of experience in software development where she has held positions in Research & Development, Professional Services, Quality Assurance, Customer Support and Information Technology. Theresa started her career working as an intern at Amoco Production Company where she developed an interest for integrating technology to improve business process efficiency. This interest lead her to Hewlett-Packard where she spent the majority of her career developing, implementing, supporting and managing technical solution implementations as an Engineer, Project Manager, Program Manager and Quality Assurance Manager. With her repeated success in leading the development, implementation and support of software products and projects, she quickly moved into the role of the Research and Development Manager with Harris Govern, where she earned her certification as a Scrum Master implementing Agile principles. Adept in improving quality, productivity and effectiveness in organizations, she decided to make a career change into Sales & Marketing where she could utilize her skills in collaboration with all levels of the organization, customers and suppliers to drive key initiatives to achieve business objectives.

Theresa is currently the Director of Sales & Marketing at CartoPac International where she has managed and implemented solutions for Oil & Gas, Gas Utilities, Electric Utilities, Municipalities and Engineering & Consulting. Theresa has built and manages a dynamic sales and marketing team with the focus of providing customers the most flexible, robust and complete enterprise mobile solution for data collection, asset management, inspection, reporting and more.

She received her Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, with minors in Math and Geography from the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado.

Cummings, Rich 2019

Rich Cummings

Vice President, Grid Operations; Mosaic Company

Rich Cummings is Vice President, Grid Operations at the Mosaic Company. Rich has spent over 25 years working in Distribution Operations and Control Rooms and is a highly respected expert in ADMS. He provides a unique sets of consulting skills that include complex design, performance improvement, and competency development solutions.

Hancock, Chapman 2019

Chapman Hancock

Product Manager; Ditch Witch

Chapman Hancock has more than 10 years of experience in the construction industry and directional drilling industries. Hancock has served in a variety of roles throughout the Ditch Witch organization, including serving as a downhole tooling engineer and product and market analyst. Currently the Ditch Witch vacuum excavation product manager, he works to identify the challenges and needs of vacuum excavation customers globally and provide industry solutions. He received a degree in medical engineering from Oklahoma State University.

Heldenbrand, David 2019

David Heldenbrand

President; Bison Engineering

Mr. Heldenbrand is a licensed Professional Engineer and a Certified Fire Investigator.  He has a BA in Environmental Biology (1972) and a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering (1978). He has investigated over 1700 natural gas and propane related fires and explosion related incidents in the past thirty-four years.  There have been numerous fires and explosions that Mr. Heldenbrand has investigated where soil gas migration has been involved or possibly involved in the incident.  He developed a particular interest in this subject matter because testing that was conducted many years ago showed inconsistencies with traditional theories.  He has personally conducted numerous bar-hole surveys after an incident and has been involved in several testing programs that have revealed some very interesting results.  From investigations and testing programs, Mr. Heldenbrand saw that large flow rates were possible where gas explosions were experienced and questioned the odor scrubbing capabilities of soil at these large flow rates.

Mr. Heldenbrand has been a licensed Professional Engineer since 1982.  He is licensed in Texas and several other states.  He was district engineer for a natural gas transmission company and has conducted forensic investigations of natural gas and propane related incidents for the past thirty-four years.  He has testified in both state and federal courts across the country.

Mr. Heldenbrand is also a Certified Fire Investigator by the International Association of Fire Investigators (IAAI).  These qualifications bring particular insight into this subject matter.

Mr. Heldenbrand has given presentations on the subject of soil gas migration as it relates to gas fires and explosions.  He has given presentations to the American Gas Association, Louisiana Gas Association, the Western Regional Gas Conference, International Association of Fire Investigators, the Common Ground Alliance and other groups over the past five years.

Mr. Heldenbrand has also presented to the Natural Gas Odorization Conference in 2019. The subject matter being the effects of soil gas migration and odor scrub as it relates to fires and explosions.

Scott Landes

CEO; Rhino Marking & Protection Systems, Infrastructure Resources, LLC

Active in the Damage Prevention industry since 1982, Scott Landes is the CEO of both Rhino Marking & Protection Systems and Infrastructure Resources. 

Dedicated to reducing damages globally and recognized as an industry expert; Scott has been published in multiple publications and spoke in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Argentina and Turkey. With 10 patents on damage prevention products, Scott’s passion for excavation safety is instilled in everyone in both companies.

Limbruner, Mark 2018

Mark E Limbruner

GIS Manager, Southern Marcellus Shale Division; Range Resources

Mark Limbruner, GISP has spent over three decades in the geospatial industry working for a number of firms in the petroleum exploration, coal exploration, mining, environmental engineering, and GIS consulting fields. Since 2008 Mark has been employed by Range Resources Corporation in their Canonsburg, Pennsylvania office where he manages the Southern Marcellus Shale Division’s GIS department.

Throughout his career, Mark has presented at a number of national and regional GIS conferences and has served on the GITA Oil and Gas Conference (now Pipeline Week) organizing committee. Mark also serves as the co-chair of EnerGIS, an annual GIS conference focused on the energy industry in the northeast.  Mark has served as an international delegate representing GITA at conferences hosted by GITA’s sister organizations in Japan and Australia. A member of the GITA board since 2013, Mark previously served as GITA President for 2015-2016. On July 18, 2017, he was reelected by the Board to complete the term of Matt Thomas who needed to step down for personal reasons.

Aimee Milks

Marketing / PR Manager; Dig Safely New York

Aimee Milks is the Marketing/Public Relations Manager at Dig Safely New York, Inc., an organization that protects New York State’ growing underground infrastructure from unnecessary excavation damage. The organization is committed to driving down the number of preventable underground utility strikes, through communication, advancement of technology, and education, thus ensuring laborer and community safety across the state.

Milks joined the not-for-profit organization in 2014, coming from journalism and marketing careers. Aimee has experience in journalism, grant writing, and marketing efforts in her 10-plus years in the job field at newspapers, technology companies, and most recently, at a brand communications firm where she was responsible for creating and managing marketing strategies for all clients. Her diverse experience in varied industries has provided a unique, outside-the-box approach to marketing strategy for Dig Safely New York. Milks manages a team of nine to accomplish all the marketing, public relations, and educational efforts (internal and external) for the organization. She also assists in operational efforts of the organization.

Currently, Aimee is a member of the Common Ground Alliance (CGA), where she serves on the Education Committee. She is also a member of the One Calls of America Mark-it Madness Committee.

Aimee has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Theory and Public Relations from State University of New York at Fredonia, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. She resides in Syracuse, New York with her four-year-old daughter, Adelyn.

Whitney Price

Special Projects Coordinator; Infrastructure Resources, LLC

Whitney Price is the Special Projects Coordinator with Infrastructure Resources. Dedicated to reducing damage globally, IR was founded on the core values of innovation, integrity, customer focus, and giving back. IR is a trusted source for damage prevention and public awareness expertise and solutions for the utility and excavation industry. In her role, Whitney seeks to fulfill the company mission: Saving Lives Through Education at live events in the US, Canada, and Australia and through publications including dp-PRO and Excavation Safety Guide and Resource Directory and industry programs.

Whitney works specifically with the Pipeline Ag Safety Alliance (PASA) program. This program focuses on educating agricultural professionals on safe digging. Through this program, Whitney produces a custom Farm and Ranch issue of the Excavation Safety Guide and Resource Directory.

Helping IR expand their global reach, she manages agreements with endorsing organizations across the United States, Australia, and Canada. Whitney is also a member of the Minnesota Common Ground Alliance.

Whitney has written numerous articles for dp-PRO and presented at the CGA 811 Excavation Safety Conference & Expo, the National Association County Agricultural Agents (NACAA), and the International Trails Symposium by American Trails.

Nominated for a Damage Prevention Hero award in 2013, Whitney has assisted in the coordination of the inaugural 811 Run held in West Palm Beach, Florida continuing her efforts for multiple years in Minnesota.

Whitney can be reached at whitney@emailir.com or 952.428.7990.
Santayana, Mark 2019

Mark Santayana

Manager, Public Safety PPL Electric Utilities

Mark C. Santayana is currently PPL Electric Utilities Manager Public Safety. Prior to leading the company’s Public Safety Group, Mark served 3 years as PPL’s Lead Damage Prevention Inspector, 3 years as Damage Prevention and Underground Facilities Program Manager and 1 year as Supervisor Public Safety.  PPL is an energy company headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania. It currently delivers electricity to 1.4 million customers in Pennsylvania.

Before joining PPL, Mark worked for Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. as Northeast Liaison for nearly 10 years. As a PA One Call Liaison he provided extensive Excavator, Contractor and First Responder Damage Prevention and Safety Training Programs throughout the State. Additionally, Mark is a 17-year veteran of the Telecommunications Industry holding Managerial and Supervisory positions in Regulatory Relations, Industry Affairs and New Market Development.

Mark holds a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Baltimore.  He is an active Board Member of Pennsylvania One Call System. Inc. and Chairman of their Board Development Committee.  In 2018 Mark was selected as an inaugural member and Secretary of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commissions Damage Prevention Committee, holding a 3-year term. Mark is also a Member of the Accident Prevention Committee of the Energy Association of Pennsylvania, a member of the Common Ground Alliance Best Practices Committee and a committee member of One Call Systems International.

Sharpe, Eric 2019.docx

Eric Sharpe

Editor; Energy Ink Magazine

Eric Sharpe is the editor of Energy Ink Magazine which covers energy industry related topics.  Eric also serves as a contract strategic advisor and marketing consultant to energy and technology companies throughout the country.

Smagala, Sam 2019

Sam Smagala

Manager, Cyber Security; MNP

Sam Smagala is currently a Manager for MNP’s Cyber Security consulting team. Sam has a deep understanding of information security, networking, risk & compliance, offensive security, and incident response. This knowledge allows Sam to quickly and knowledgeably inspect system architectures, identify vulnerabilities, assess risks and recommend safeguards to reduce and mitigate risk to assets. His understanding of security and privacy policies, processes, procedures, and other controls allows him to assess and make recommendations on the non-technical aspects of security within an organization.

Sam has developed and currently leads MNP’s Cyber Incident Response client-facing service nationally; leading investigations, advising on containment and monitoring, and providing next-step recommendations to defend against and better prepare for incidents in the future. Sam also develops cyber incident response plans and playbooks for organizations in both corporate and operational technology environments, in addition to developing and leading tabletop incident scenarios for executive management and technical audiences alike.

Sam has a major passion for the secure state of critical infrastructure in Canada, America, and the rest of the world. Sam holds the following accreditations

  • Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences – Information Systems Security from Sheridan College.
  • OpenFAIR Security & Risk certification.
  • US-CERT CSIH (Computer Security Incident Handler) certification.
  • SANs GIAC GRID (Response and Industrial Defence) certification.

Sam, by invite only, additionally sits on GIAC’s Advisory Board.



905-607-9777 ext. 269


Chris Thome

Damage Prevention Consultant; Rhino Marking and Protection Systems

Chris Thome is a Damage Prevention Consultant for Rhino Marking and Protection Systems.  Chris is an active member of the Common Ground Alliance where he serves as the co-chair of the Education Committee.

In his role at Rhino, Chris has worked countless hours in the field developing new technologies and applications to prevent damage to buried facilities.  For Infrastructure Resources, Chris leads the Agricultural Outreach program and steers an Advisory Board of over 30 industry experts in developing better ways for the pipeline industry to communicate with stakeholders. He is an active member of the American Petroleum Institute’s Task Group 1162, rewriting the pipeline industry’s recommended practice for Public Awareness. 

Chris is the founder of the Pipeline-Ag Safety Alliance, an industry group of over 20 pipeline operators with a mission to transform communications with the agricultural community.  He has spoken at numerous state, regional, and national conferences, written articles for industry publications, and has been involved with dozens of Damage Prevention Councils.

Phone: 952.428.7968

Email: cthome@RhinoMarkers.com

Wise, Joe 2019

Joe Wise

Regional Customer Training Manager; United Rentals® Trench Safety Specialty Business

Joe Wise is a Regional Customer Training Manager for United Rentals® Trench Safety Specialty Business. In his role, he provides strategic oversight to competent person training programs in confined space and excavation safety. With a team of safety training professionals who deliver scheduled training across North America, he oversees design and development to existing programs to enhance classroom and online learning experiences that support worker safety education.  

Wofford, Monica 2019

Monica Wofford

CEO; Contagious Companies, Inc.

Monica Wofford has been a celebrated trainer and speaker since her first keynote speech in 1989. Since that time, she’s been interviewed on CNN and FOX News, been named one of Meetings and Conventions Magazine’s favorite business speakers, and has been a member of the Board of Directors of the National Speaker’s Association, as well as the Business Advisory Board for the Rollins College Center for Leadership Development. Monica is the CEO of the leadership training and consulting firm Contagious Companies, Inc. She serves as an executive coach, senior strategic consultant and leadership advisor, and is one of less than 400 women in the world to hold the Certified Speaking Professional designation. In her community, Monica serves as a board member for The United Way and Habitat for Humanity, and on the Development Committee for the Community Foundation.