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GPR Consortium: A Trade Association for GPR Professionals

A KEY COMPONENT to any safe excavation is knowing what lies below. This involves many steps, one of which is an investigation utilizing various non-destructive tools. Among those tools, ground penetrating radar (GPR) is unique in its versatility, challenges, training requirements, and future capabilities. It follows, therefore, that an association of GPR professionals should be similarly unique.


The GPR Consortium provides space and infrastructure for practitioners of GPR to collaborate and network. Though not a scientific research institution, the GPR Consortium does propagate the practical applications of research in the field of GPR. We care about the reputation and the future of the GPR industry, so we focus less on our members’ differences and more on how we can form best practices, interpret data more consistently, educate on the capabilities of GPR, and create realistic expectations for its use.


The GPR Consortium is expected to become a major thought leader with members increasing in competence and improving the reputation of GPR as a viable means of non-destructive testing. In turn, members will bring more value to the private companies, universities, and other organizations they represent. Symposia, conferences, congresses, and similar inperson events will be part of the natural development of our desire to progress professionally.

Website is a purpose-built website designed to give practical knowledge, help, and support to the GPR professional with boots on the ground. Through collaboration, we can uplift and sustain each other as we work toward increased profitability and value for our various organizations and a greater acceptance of GPR technology.

The following are a few aspects of this new website. Visit us online to learn more.


o GPR veterans can collaborate on complicated issues with peers from around the world, discussing how to apply new technologies and refine old methodologies

o New practitioners can benefit from the wealth of information that more experienced users have gained, thus advancing the rate of proficiency within the industry

o GPR business owners can collaborate with peers worldwide on the unique challenges inherent in running a business in this industry

o Constant growth and change with fresh content


o Wiki format containing videos, articles, and pictures supplied by professionals within, and ancillary to, the GPR industry

o After a member reads an article or watches a video from the Learning Center, he should be able to speak intelligibly, if not deeply, on that topic. He will know some common concerns, some common non-concerns, some common verbiage, etc. With few exceptions, this content will be able to be consumed in 5-10 minutes.


o Buy or sell used equipment with no additional listing fees (beyond membership)

o Companies needing to fill a GPR position can, with no additional listing fees (beyond membership), advertise employment openings directly to their target audience

More Than GPR

While GPR is a common thread for all members of the GPR Consortium, it is by no means the only topic of interest to our membership. Other topics in the Forum, Learning Center, and Classifieds include pipe locating wands, push-cameras, video pipe inspection, structural engineering, best practices for markings in the field, post-tension/pre-tension/rebar/wire-mesh discussions, geotechnical engineering, GPS receivers, RTK GPS, LiDAR, land surveying, geophysics, hydro excavation, ruggedized tablets and other electronics, acoustic water line locating, geology, sonar locating, etc.

Join Us

Members include concrete scanners, utility locators, geologists, geophysicists, engineers, archaeologists, students, and soon, you. As a Consortium, we are very excited for the upcoming GPR Congress, held in conjunction with the Global Excavation Safety Conference, March 22-23, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. Many of the topics discussed there will be extensions of the discussions we have on the Forum. We hope to see you online and at the Congress! Register at

Forrest Sim is the founder of the GPR Consortium and owner of Enhanced Scanning, a utility locating, concrete scanning, and GPR investigation firm. He can be reached at forrest@


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