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Left to Right: Senator Mark Kelly, Christine Barnes, Andrew Bock.

AZUCA Arizona Chapter of NUCA – Representing Utility and Excavation Contractors

THE ARIZONA UTILITY Contractors Association (AZUCA) rejoined the National Utility Contractors Association in April of 2021 and formed AZUCA Arizona Chapter of NUCA. The combined associations now have over 40 member companies with 20 of those being contractors. Since April of 2021, the association has held a successful Golf Tournament in Flagstaff, had a speaker breakfast to discuss contract negotiation and industry material delays, and held the first annual meeting as AZUCA Arizona Chapter of NUCA where the 2022 Board of Directors were installed. The association received its Charter back at the National Convention March 4, 2022.

“We are very excited to welcome back Arizona utility construction members to NUCA. Working together will help both our organizations give more back to the industry and improve our membership services,” said NUCA CEO Doug Carlson. “Engaging more Arizona members in our many benefits and industry programs equals a bigger positive impact at both the National and state and local levels.”

“AZUCA members are excited to broaden our scope of service to our members and our local communities,” said AZUCA President Clint Overton. “With the new National affiliation assisting our chapter’s membership network, we can now have a greater impact for the industry and our members.” The Arizona Chapter held its first event as a newly rejoined NUCA Chapter in July at a golf outing in Flagstaff. The event had over 100 participants which is more than the event has had in the last few years. “We are well positioned to continue bringing our members together throughout the pandemic, and now we want to position them for greater prosperity and a louder legislative voice in the future,” said Overton.

The association meets monthly with the board of directors. The Safety, Governmental Affairs, Events, Membership and Scholarship committees have reformed with enthusiasm. The association would like to continue with trainings/events/meetings on a quarterly basis. AZUCA Arizona Chapter of NUCA was able to award seven scholarships to deserving AZUCA Arizona Chapter of NUCA member dependents in August and September of 2021.

On a National level, AZUCA members attended the Washington Summit in early November 2021. In person meetings were held with both Senator Kelly and Senator Sinema’s offices, as well as Congresswoman Lesko and Congressman Biggs’ offices. The association was advocating for the Core Infrastructure Bill, which was passed just a few days after the meetings, focusing on broadband and workforce development. NUCA’s rejuvenated affiliation in Arizona promises to open more doors for AZUCA Arizona Chapter of NUCA members over the years ahead. AZUCA members are automatically NUCA National members with full benefits.

The AZUCA Arizona Chapter of NUCA Board of Directors would like to be an industry resource for its members. The AZUCA Arizona Chapter of NUCA Board of Directors is comprised of:

President Clint Overton, VW Connect
Vice President Justin Platchek, BPG Designs
Treasurer/Secretary Jared Asay, Conover Asay CPAs
Associate Vice President Larry Antolik, Vermeer
Immediate Past President Arvid Veidmark III, SSC Underground
Director Scott Bates, Core and Main
Director Robert Hill, CenturyLink
Director Austin Stadeli, B-Line Directional Drilling
Director Aric Smith, Achen-Gardner Construction
Director Andrew Uster, Assured Partners

Christine Barnes is the Executive Director of AZUCA Arizona Chapter of NUCA. She can be reached at (970) 376-1190 or Christine@ For more information, check out

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