Are your excavation practices leaving you exposed?

It is important to not only receive the utility plans and/or mud maps of the site from Dial Before You Dig (DBYD), but also validate the location of those utilities if they are in the area of prospective works.

By not successfully locating utilities, contractors could be at risk of:

  • Injuries or fatalities to workers and/or the general public
  • Loss of company reputation
  • Financial outlay (direct repair costs, plant and labour downtime costs, project delay costs, investigation costs, property damage costs, third-party disruption costs, insurance costs, fines)…read more
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3 thoughts on “Are your excavation practices leaving you exposed?”

  1. We have recently started our new excavating service company and came across this article. Really appreciate you taking a time to educate us on this. I would have never thought of excavation deck, but it makes perfect sense.
    Excavating by no means is an exiting topic to write about, but you did an excellent job keeping it entertaining and not boring. Thank a ton

  2. It’s true, I’ve heard horror stories of some inexperienced guys who don’t do their due dilligence prior to excavating and it can result in some really bad situations. Always take your time and prepare!

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