Aging water pipe woes resurface

Aging water pipe woes resurface

The American Press

Louisiana is taking steps to deal with lingering water issues in small towns, thanks to a panel that looks at overall water quality and the condition of pipes that are deteriorating after decades of use.

Representatives of every agency that deals with drinking water are working together on the issue, instead of attacking one problem at a time.

Gov. John Bel Edwards created the panel to deal with emergencies, such as a broken water pipe in Roseland, a town in Tangipahoa Parish with 1,200 residents. It left many residents without drinking water.

The team has since patched the pipe, but the IRT, or initial response team, found other problems. The 60-year-old system had leaking pipes throughout the town, meters that hadn’t been calibrated in decades, and a lack of training for town personnel…(Read the full story)


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