A Smart System for Mapping Underground Infrastructure

(Globes) – 4M Analytics is a company based in Israel that is the brainchild of military buddies Itzik Malka and Nir Cohen. 4M Analytics started as a subcontractor clearing mines and eventually became the main contractor of the Ministry of Defense. Eventually, Malka met Yoav Cohen, who had experience in geographical intelligence gathering. With their military experience and knowing how to map the subsurface in detecting land mines, the three entrepreneurs have decided to turn their attention to another industry.

About a year ago, 4M Analytics changed direction and decided to apply the same technology it developed for a new use. Instead of land mines, it is now developing a smart system for mapping underground infrastructure such as gas, oil, sewage, electricity and communications pipelines.

“We knew we provided data about the upper layer of substructure, the first few meters below ground,” Yoav said. “Some companies map what’s happening aboveground and mineral companies map deep underground, but no one has focused on that top layer.”

Their new product integrates data from existing maps and blueprints with data from satellite images and aerial photographs. 4M is already working with Electra and Israel Electric Corporation. “We are conducting pilot projects abroad with large infrastructure companies. Our goal is to map all the infrastructure in the United States in less than three years and turn it into the underground Google Maps, centralizing all available data about the subsurface.”

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