Logos are odd things. While almost no one will choose a product simply because of its logo, almost everyone identifies a company or product based on that logo. Your relationship with logos is pretty similar to your relationship with buried utilities – you tend to take them for granted until they’re gone.

The good news is, Damage Prevention Professional isn’t going anywhere. But you may have noticed that the cover of this issue has a brand new look. We are proud to announce the launch of this new logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our company’s brands. Our new logo reflects a modern design that captures our mission to expand our presence in an increasingly digital world.

We made this decision for several reasons.

First, our marketing experts told us that Damage Prevention Professional is just too many big words. Seriously, Damage Prevention Professional, in anyone’s mind, is a mouthful.

Second, we wanted our logo to reflect the changing dynamics of the publication. We’ve evolved since our first issue published in 2010. Over time, as we’ve adapted to a digital marketplace, dp-pro has become more than just a quarterly print magazine. Our website offers years of relevant industry content along with access to industry resources, training opportunities, news, interactive digital content and so much more – including web exclusive content above and beyond the articles you read in the print magazine!.

Finally, before you can access all these great resources, you need to find them. Changing our logo to more accurately reflect our URL easily directs you to a website filled with industry resources and tools.

As a company, our focus has always been to bring relevant content to the industry on excavation safety and damage prevention. We’ve always been a leader in providing industry experts with a platform to share their knowledge and ideas. We are proud to move forward with our new logo and hope you like it too!

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