2021 Global Locate Masters


Locate Technicians Invited to Compete in a Tournament that Promises to Test and Celebrate Locate Excellence

The Inaugural Global Locate Masters is set to take place during Damage Prevention Week at the 2021 Global Excavation & Safety Conference in Tampa, March 23-25. The competition will test the top locators in the world in a skills competition unlike any held before. Using UTTO virtual locate simulators, locators will have the unprecedented opportunity to showcase their skills in front of one another and the Conference audience.

Locators are typically evaluated by the mistakes they don’t make, making it difficult to find recognition for all of the skill it takes to perform the job well. The Global Locate Masters is the opportunity to display the years of experience, critical thinking, and mental agility it takes to complete quality locates in a timely manner. The competition will recognize, reward, and shine a spotlight on the world’s best utility locating professionals, all in front of an audience of damage prevention professionals.

Competition Format

The competition will feature UTTO virtual locate simulators, providing a novel opportunity for indoor competition with realistic, variable, and highly customizable locate scenarios. The simulators accurately replicate the unique challenges found in the field and its on-the-fly programmability allows for fair competition with equal standards across competitors. Most exciting, changing locate scenarios allows fellow competitors, conference attendees, and vendors to become spectators.

The Locate Masters will culminate in a grand finale on Wednesday. The finale will feature the highest performing technicians of the competition and will ultimately crown a single winner. Awards ceremony and prize information is available at GlobalLocateMasters.com.


To find and crown the best locate technician in the world, the Global Locate Masters offers several qualification methods. Competitors can qualify in one of three ways:

1.Employer nomination

2.Placement at a qualifying regional locate competition

3.Onsite qualification at the 2021 Global Excavation Safety Conference

Additional information on Global Locate Masters qualification is available at GlobalLocateMasters.com.

Conference attendees are encouraged to try UTTO’s virtual locate simulation system while onsite to try their hand at difficult locate scenarios.

Unrivaled Learning Opportunities

Masters competitors will gain access to unique opportunities for further learning at the world’s largest utility damage prevention conference, including demonstrations of new technology and education on best practices. Additionally, the conference is the perfect place to network and communicate directly with equipment manufacturers, managers, and fellow highly skilled locate technicians. The competition itself, using the abilities of UTTO virtual locate simulators, will further sharpen skills and present new challenges that are difficult to replicate in the field.

The world’s best locate technicians work every day to protect the public and the underground utilities we all rely on, and the Global Locate Masters is where they will showcase the immense amount of skill it takes to do the job well. Competitors from around the world, from large companies to small, will be there to compete to call themselves the best. Will you?

Visit GlobalLocateMasters.com to learn more about participating in the Global Locate Masters, sponsorship opportunities, and the 2021 Global Excavation Safety Conference.

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