2021 Damage Prevention Hero of the Year

Kelley Heinz (Spring, 2021)

A Damage Prevention Hero Who goes Above and Beyond her Responsibilities to Promote Safety and Damage Prevention Outreach! Kelley is the brainchild behind the Ready, Respond, Recover Program (learn more in dp-PRO, Spring 2021). She brings more than 20 years of experience to her current role as Damage Prevention Manager and Claims Investigator with ComEd. She has served as an active member of JULIE’s Public Education Committee for more than five years. Dedicated to damage prevention and safety, Kelley has written powerful articles for dp-PRO and is a highly rated speaker at the Global Excavation Safety Conference. She led the campaign to have Call Before You Dig decals represented on all ComEd vehicles.

Read the full article here: dp-pro.com/damage-prevention-hero-kelley-heinz

Dora Parks (Special Locate, 2021)

Just call her “Miss Utility.” Dora Parks is passionate about damage prevention. She has tirelessly promoted the dig safe message to people of all ages, including professional excavators, contractors, utility owners, homeowners, and even children – generally, anyone who might excavate, demolish, or disturb the earth. As Secretary of the Maryland/DC Damage Prevention Committee, Dora and the Committee developed a Damage Protection Training Program. Dora is the first female board member of the AUC of MD and belongs to the PWC of MD, the Anne Arundel Contractors Association, and NUCA of DC. Dora is instrumental in the execution of the GCDPTC, Locator Achievement Awards, and Touch-a-Truck program.

Read the full article here: dp-pro.com/damage-prevention-hero-dora-parks-just-callher- miss-utility

George Kemp (Summer, 2021)

Definitely Not Someone Afraid of a Challenge. Along with his “day job” as VP Safety, Government Affairs & Quality Assurance with MetroNet, George is currently serving as Chairman of the Board for Indiana 811, during which time he led them through both a software and leadership change. He also serves as Alternate Trustee for OHIO 811, Secretary for NTDPC, and is a member of both the CGA Education and Best Practices Committees. George is a big advocate for getting suppliers involved in exercising a partnership for damage prevention/best practice guidelines. He not only trains associates and subcontractors, but he gets out in the field to ensure accountability and monitors the work being done.

Read the full article here: dp-pro.com/damage-prevention-herogeorge- kemp

Bruce Campbell (Fall, 2021)

Bringing New Ideas and Processes to Damage Prevention. Bruce Campbell has brought new ideas and processes to Michigan, and the One Call industry, since the early 2000s when he was named the first excavator representative on the MISS DIG 811 Board. Bruce’s gift for bringing differing viewpoints together to have difficult conversations has led to the creation of the MDPB (Michigan Damage Prevention Board), TIME (Ticket Initiation Management Execution), and LAC (Locator Action Committee), which all focus on improving the MISS DIG 811 processes for stakeholders. Currently, Bruce is committed to the continued development of the Facility Notification Center Association (FNCA), which he believes is the evolution of the One Call System.

Richard Broome (Winter, 2021)

Driving Safe Digging in the UK. Instrumental in the development of LSBUD, the UK notification service, Richard actively recruits facility owners to participate in this entirely voluntary system. Richard regularly attends local, national, and international damage prevention events, and is a frequent contributor to publications, speaking out tirelessly for damage prevention. He organizes an annual National Damage Prevention Day, contributes heavily to LSBUD’s annual Digging Up Britain Report, has been the driving force behind USAG’s biannual Utility Strike Damages Report, the only reliable source of third-party damage data in the UK, and has given his time to re-writing PAS128 and PAS256.

Read the full article here:  dp-pro.com/damage-prevention-hero-richard-broome