dp-PRO 2017 Special Locate Issue

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2017 Special Locate Issue


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2017 Special Locate Articles

Planning Tools for the Future

The world’s aging infrastructure, expanding population and growing energy demand are creating an environment that will keep horizontal directional drilling contractors in high demand. At

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Vacuum Excavation Best Practices

Vacuum excavation, such as hydro excavation, is a growing technology used to prevent jobsite damages throughout the world. This non-mechanical method of excavation continues to

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The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.  Damage Prevention Professional welcomes and encourages articles and correspondence from all points of view.

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Sonde Locating

Some years ago, having a minimum amount of locator training, I was tasked with my first week of locate tickets. Most were straightforward and completed

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Ask The dp-PRO

Damage Prevention Professional invites you to send us your questions about excavation safety and damage prevention, and we will have them answered by a professional

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