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Demo a Vermeer Trailer Vac. 

Our full line of trailer vacuum excavation equipment is designed to help utility
contractors handle a variety of soil conditions. But don’t take our word for
it. Demo one for yourself. Not just trailer vacs. Vermeer trailer vacs.

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Due to the frequent early onset of winter, underground construction projects in the Canadian Rocky Mountains are often cut short. For many contractors, the combination of working against winter’s arrival and the difficult ground conditions that come with the terrain is enough to deter them from even bidding on a project.
However, when Paladin Crossings Inc. saw these allenges in a waterline replacement project located in Revelstoke, British Columbia, their prior experience working in similar
harsh conditions gave them the confidence they needed to get the job done.
“Ground conditions were extremely challenging,” said Jarrod MacKenzie, president of Paladin Crossings. “I know a lot of companies don’t like taking that risk, but as long as we planned accordingly, we were comfortable and confident in taking on a project like this.”

Locating – Buckle Up

The CGA Best Practices includes an unusual item within Chapter Four, the section dealing with Locating and Marking. Number 17 among the Best

Leading People

ONE Ringy-Dingy! It just never stops! The phone rings, the spam calls continue, a person walks in your office, and the list grows