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What is Safe Digging? We have all heard the phrase “safe digging” from excavators, utility companies, and regulators, but do we really understand and work toward this goal? With over 439,000 damages to underground facilities in 2017 in the United States alone, we obviously don’t understand what safe digging is.

Every company has measures to lean toward a safe digging goal. The first step is to plan the proposed work. Site and scope of work reviews are key to project planning. During this period, the project planner should white-line or create a picture of the proposed excavation area. Then the planner should contact 811 or the local One Call center and request a design/ survey ticket to begin the initial notifications to all utility companies…

Leading Women in Action

As women, we tend to downplay our accomplishments. We don’t speak up in meetings, we don’t share our ideas, we might even shy