Locator Safety Awareness Week

Locator Safety Awareness Week

April 22 - 28, 2019

Established in 2014 by Infrastructure Resources and endorsed by Nulca, LSAW addresses the need to keep our locators safe on the job. Take the opportunity during this week to acknowledge the locators you work with and let them know how much you appreciate the difficult, challenging, and sometimes dangerous work they do protecting our underground utilities.

You can help promote awareness of the hazards related to utility locating by:

*   Posting on Facebook and Twitter during Locator Safety Awareness Week using #LSAW. Need some help with what to say? Feel free to use the messages in our social media toolkit – download here.

*   Posting on Linkedin during Locator Safety Awareness Week using #LSAW. Need some help with what to post? Feel free to use our graphics - download here.

*   Promoting LSAW on your website with web buttons - download here.  

*   Reading Damage Prevention Professional articles to find out what other companies are doing - read recent articles here.

*   Sending safety awareness cards to locators in your organization - download here.

*   Hanging the Locator Safety poster in a prominent location:

o   Download the 11 x 17 printable poster - download here (English)  or download here (Spanish).

o   Purchase the 25 x 38 poster - click here to view & buy.