Local responders practice live gas pipeline rupture drills

Local responders practice live gas pipeline rupture drills

Jamel Valencia | Friday, October 27th 2017

A mock gas line rupture filled the air with smoke in the village of Vinton Friday morning.

It was due to a West Texas evacuation safety day training exercise.

Emergency responders at the West Valley Fire Department simulated what to do during a gas line rupture.

The message emphasized was to call 811 before you dig to make sure there aren’t any hidden danger underground.

Smoke filled the air during the demo, showing what it could look like if a gas line was really ruptured.

Crowds got to learn about what steps need to be taken in the immediate aftermath of a rupture.

Texas Gas hosts safety demonstrations throughout Texas every year.

Groups from the Las Cruces Fire Department, El Paso emergency responders, county officials and firefighters from Juarez attended.

“This might be the largest group we’ve had statewide. It’s exciting to see the turnout and know that we’re reaching many municipalities,” Texas Gas spokeswoman Christy Penders said.

Gardeners, landscapers and construction crews are encouraged to call 811 before digging.

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