Disgruntled woman throws drink in utility worker’s face

Disgruntled woman throws drink in utility worker’s face

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COVINGTON — A woman who was without power due to Tropical Storm Irma apparently took out her frustrations on an unsuspecting lineman who works for the city of Covington by throwing a soft drink in his face.

According to reports, the lineman had stopped at Taco Bell in Covington Wednesday evening to grab a meal when the woman approached him in the parking lot, threw her drink in his face, and admonished him for taking time to eat when her power was still out.

Covington City Manager Leigh Anne Knight reacted to the “random act of meanness” in a personal Facebook post Wednesday.

“Our society has become so self centered and demanding that we can’t see anything but what we want and think we deserve. I realize everyone wants their power back on because as long as most of us have been alive we have not had to worry about reading by candlelight or building a fire to cook on or stay warm by…but does that mean we can’t live without it for a few days. Is it an inconvenience,why yes. Does it make it harder to do the normal everyday task, again yes. But can we actually survive for a few days. I am sure we can. That is part of our problem. We have things too easy in most cases and become so dependent on things we often forget that things can change in just a moment,” Knight wrote.

Knight also pointed out that the lineman has “spent the last three days working more than 16 hours a day … to do his best to reconnect power to the over 2,000 customers that have been without power. He more than likely hasn’t seen his children in those three days and probably only briefly his wife. While you feel slighted and that you deserve to have everything immediately, he has been willingly showing up for long hours, doing difficult work and trying to be of service to you and the community. I am truly appalled at how anyone can do such an act of meanness.”

Covington spokesman Trey Sanders said the restaurant did not have video surveillance of the parking lot where the incident took place.

There was no word on the woman’s identity or whether her power had been restored.

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