911 system goes down, causes frustration

911 system goes down, causes frustration

SHOW LOW — The Navajo County 911 call system went offline this past weekend for the second time in several weeks.

A Facebook post from the Navajo County, along with an alert by Ready Navajo County, an emergency notification system, sent out the announcement Saturday, Aug. 12, and again the next day.

“People expect two things to happen every single day: The sun will rise in the east and the 911 system will be working. When neither of those things occur, like this weekend, it creates frustration for everyone, including the department,” said Navajo County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Jim Molesa.

Supported by Frontier Communications, the 911 call system is often disrupted during periods of bad weather in the White Mountains, he said.

“It could also be that a fiber optic cable was damaged somewhere, but you would think there would be a certain level of redundancies or back-up measures to keep something so important going,” Molesa said.

The Independent reached out to Frontier Communications’ headquarters in Connecticut for comment, but calls were not returned by press time.

With no answer as to why the 911 system went down, the NCSO was forced to take emergency calls through their office line, 928-536-7500.

As of Monday, 911 system was back online.

UPDATE: Frontier Communications responded with the following quote: “Frontier’s 911 system did not go down.  AT&T experienced an issue with their circuit between Flagstaff and Phoenix. The local Frontier 911 system was not encountering its own problems. We did escalate the matter to AT&T on behalf of our local customers.”

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