Water usage restrictions implemented

July 20, 2017

City of Brownfield administrators announced Thursday morning that the community currently is under Stage 3 water use restrictions because of a break in the primary water main near Meadow.

A contractor working on a fiber optic cable broke the water main west of Meadow, according to Public Works Director Willie Herrera.

Repair of the line is expected to take three or four days, most likely through the weekend.

In the meantime, city residents must observe Stage 3 usage restrictions, including:

1. Irrigation of landscaped areas is absolutely prohibited.

2. Use of water to wash any motor vehicle, motorbike, boat, trailer, airplane or other vehicle is absolutely prohibited.

3. The filling, refilling, or adding of water to swimming pools, wading pools, and jacuzzi-type pools is prohibited.

4. Operation of any ornamental fountain or pond for aesthetic or scenic purposes is prohibited except where necessary to support aquatic life or where such fountains or ponds are equipped with a recirculation system.

5. No applications for new, additional, expanded, or increased-in-size water service connections, meters, service lines, pipeline extensions, mains, or water service facilities of any kind shall be allowed or approved.

To supplement the shortage, the city currently is utilizing six of its water wells.

Average daily usage for Brownfield has been about 1.7 million gallons per day, which Herrera says the city’s wells will be able to meet.

“It will help if everyone will abide by the shortage restrictions,” he said. “Please turn off your sprinkler systems and don’t use any water that isn’t absolutely necessary.”

The city has about 400,000 gallons of water in a pair of reserve tanks that will be maintained for emergencies, such as fire fighting.

Herrera advised the well water might have a stronger chlorine smell, but he assured the public the water is perfectly safe for consumption.

“There is no danger or contamination of any kind,” he said.

The city’s water supply is provided by the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority, which pumps our water from Lake Meredith and from a well field in Roberts County, both in the Texas Panhandle.

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