McElroy partners with Netafim to grow HDPE equipment business


McElroy partners with Netafim to grow HDPE equipment business

McElroy, the world’s leading maker of pipe fusion machines, and Netafim, the world’s leading irrigation company, have joined forces to meet the demand for HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pipeline solutions serving the irrigation industry and the growing opportunities in potable water and natural gas.

Both companies are pioneers in their fields, devoting decades to providing quality infrastructure and jobsite solutions to create a sustainable future.

“There are many similarities in the history of our companies — the team-based reward systems our organizations have and the passion we each share to do our part to make the world a better place,” said McElroy President Chip McElroy.

McElroy was the featured equipment manufacturer at Netafim’s Open House recently which debuted the expansion of Netafim’s HDPE fusion equipment business. Netafim also sent representatives to McElroy’s Tulsa, Okla., headquarters to take fusion operator courses at McElroy University which also offers training in troubleshooting, maintenance and inspection.

“We are excited about the many benefits McElroy machines will bring to our growing operation,” said Netafim Water Infrastructure Manager Ido Goldsman. “They are well-engineered and easy to operate, plus they will enhance our productivity in the field with the added assurance of technical support.”

Marwan Ali, owner of Northern Arc, took fusion training for medium- and large-diameter pipe in preparation for several jobs in the water industry and what he expects will be many more jobs to line up in Israel and South Africa.

“I’ve been around different countries, but what we saw here made a big impression on us,” Ali said. “It’s a good machine and the training is very professional. This will not be the first machine for me.”

Ali said he was struck by the quality of the machines and their productivity as well as the machine’s safety features and the training and opportunity to visit McElroy and its facilities.

“I can tell you that the McElroy machine has a lot of advantages,” said Gaby Ben David, who also trained at McElroy recently. “It’s simple to operate and with the way it is designed, it makes sense when you operate it.”

About McElroy

The name McElroy is recognized worldwide for the most reliable, efficient, rugged and technically-advanced thermoplastics pipe fusion equipment in the world. The company credits its marketplace leadership to an unyielding focus toward excellence. For additional information, please visit the McElroy website at

About Netafim

Netafim is among the largest irrigation companies in the world, with factories and offices in over 120 countries. Netafim USA, a division of the Netafim International Group, is headquartered in Fresno, California. They offer a full-line of products for a variety of markets including Agriculture, Landscape & Turf, Greenhouse & Nursery, Mining, and Wastewater. Their products are sold through Dealers and Distributors in Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean.

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