Reliable Gas Leak Detection in Biogas Facilities

A new application note from FLIR Systems describes how their GF320 optical gas imaging camera is being used by IBS GmbH (Bremen, Germany) for inspecting Biogas facilities and finding hidden gas leaks before they can cause significant harm.

Expanding the use of renewable energy sources has become a major issue for European countries looking to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels and lessen the effects of climate change.  The production of biogas (methane), in particular, is expected to play a larger role in the next decade. However, methane is a greenhouse gas that can harm the environment if not contained properly during the production process. Biogas producers face strict regulations regarding how they trace, document, fix, and report leaks of volatile gases.

The application story describes how the sheer size of Biogas facilities can make detecting gas leaks a real challenge. Typically Biogas facilities include huge pieces of equipment, with hundreds of components that need testing. Traditionally biogas detection has involved using leakage spray and gas “sniffers,” but these methods are widely agreed to be time-consuming, especially in hard-to-reach places. As a consequence IBS GmbH sought a safe, efficient and affordable non-contact method for detecting small biogas leaks from a distance.

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